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Ashoka Menu

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Vegetable Delights

Chicken Specialities

Lamb Specialities

Goat Specialities

Chicken Biryani

Tandoori Items


Vegetable Samosa (2 Per Serving)

past stuffed with seasoned potatoes & garden fresh peas.

Aloo Tikki (4 Per Serving)

Indian style potato cutlets stuffed with cheese.

Paneer Pakora

cottage cheese fritter's deep-fried.

Ashoka Special Mixed Grill (For 2 Persons)

assorted appetizers from clay oven. Including reshmi kabab, chicken tikka & seekh kabab, served on a bed of lettuce, tomatoes and onions.

Vegetable Pakora

assortment of vegetables coated with spicy gram flour butter and fried.

Samosa Chat

topped with chick peas, tamarind, mind chutney, yogurt, onion and tomatoes.

Fish Pakora

butter dipped deep fried fish fritters.

Indian Breads

Lacha Paratha

multi-layered flour bread.

Tandoori Paratha (Tandoori Rotti)

multi-layered whole wheat bread cooked in clay oven.

Pudina Paratha

whole wheat bread with the touch of mint.

Keema Paratha

paratha stuffed with mildly spiced chopped lamb.

Aloo Paratha

paratha stuffed with mildly spiced potatoes.

Onion Or Paneer Or Gobi Kulcha

unleavened bread stuffed with onions, cottage cheese or cauliflower.

Garlic Nan

leavened bread of fine flour with a touch of garlic.


leavened bread of fine flour baked in tender.


served between 11:30a.m. to 4:00p.m.

Chole Bhature

chick peas curry with fluffy bread.



fresh vegetables & lentils blended to form thick & chunky soup.

Tomato Soup

fresh tomatoes and cream simmered with a hint of spices.

Chicken Soup

thick & chunky mix of blended fresh vegetables & chicken.


Mango Chutney

sweet & sour chutney made from not so ripe mangoes.

Onion Chutney

chopped onions in vinegar & paprika.

Hot Pickle

vegetable & lime mixed in a hot-hot sauce.


Grated cucumber & chopped tomatoes mixed with yogurt.


the clay oven delights

Tandoori Chicken

chicken marinated in yogurt, freshly ground mild spices & lemon juice. Cooked in tandoor.

Chicken Tikka

tender boneless pieces of chicken flavoured with mild spices & barbecued on a skewer in tandoor.

Reshmi Kabab

boneless chicken marinated and cooked in tandoor.

Seekh Kabab

chopped lam and spices cooked on skewer.

Panir Tikka

cubes of homemade cheese, spices, onion and bellpepper cooked on skewer.

Shrimp Tandoori

marinated shrimp cooked in tandoori & served on a sizzling platter with onions and lemons.

Fish Tandoori

seasonal fish marinated in yogurt & cooked on a skewer in the clay oven.

Chicken Entrees

Chicken Makhini

clay oven cooked chicken simmered in a sweet butter sauce, with fresh tomatoes and onions.

Chicken Curry

boneless chicken cooked in mild sauce.

Chicken Vindaloo

a hotter spicer version of the curry.

Chicken Spinach

chicken and spinach cooked in natural juices with mild juices.

Chicken Jal Frezi

chicken prepared with fresh bell peppers, onions & tomatoes, mildly spiced.

Chicken Tikka Masala

clay oven cooked chicken white meat simmered in tomato sauce.

Chicken Korma

boneless pieces of chicken cooked in cashew.


tender morsels of chicken, cooked ginger, garlic, tomatoes, chilies sprinkled with fresh herbs and spices cooked in kadai.

Chicken Kadai

juicy pieces of chicken cooked in Punjabi style with bell peppers, tomatoes in kadai.

Chicken Chilli

chicken prepared with fresh onions and green chilly. Very spicy.

Ashoka's Side Order


lentils prepared in onions and tomatoes.

Pulao Rice

basmati rice cooked in herbs and spices.

Papadam (2 Pieces)

Bastami Rice

Goat & Lamb Entrees

(all entrees served with basmati rice or nan)

Keema Mutter

minced lamb prepared with ginger, garlic, onion & green peas.

Lamb Korma

cubes of lamb cooked in creamy sauce and garnished with almond.

Goat or Lamb Curry

cubes of goat or cooked in tangy onion & tomato gravy.

Goat or Lamb Palak

goat, lamb & spinach cooked with mild spices.

Goat or Lamb Vindaloo

hotter, spicer version of the curry.

Lamb Jal Frezi

boneless pieces of lamb marinated with fresh ground spices and sauteed with tomatoes, onions and mushrooms.

Lamb Or Goat Kadai (Ashoka Special)

pieces of lamb or goat cooked with bell peppers & tomatoes in kadai.

Goat Fry

fried pieces of goat with onion ginger garlic with spices.

Desserts Special


Indian homemade ice cream flavored with pistachio.


cottage cheese with condensed milk flavored with rose water.

Gulab Jamun

deep-fried cheese balls in honey syrup served hot.


traditional rice pudding.

Shrimp And Fish Entrees

all entrees served with basmati rice or nan

Shrimp Curry

large shrimp cooked in a mild sauce.

Shrimp Do Piaza

shrimp cooked in a hearly onion sauce.

Shrimp Bhuna

shrimp cooked in herbs and spices with touch of garlic & ginger.

Fish Curry

fish cooked in a mild sauce.

Fish Ashoka Special

baked fish with tomatoes, eggs, fresh coriander leaves, and very thick gravy.

Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Lassi (Yogurt Drink)

lassi (sweet or salt) mango lassi strawberry lassi


mango, juice, orange juice, pineapple juice, apple juice.


coke/diet coke, seven up, lemonade, spring water and more range of soft drinks are available.


the rice entrees selected portion of lamb or chicken or shrimp or mixed vegetables sauteed in herbs & spices cooked with fragrant rice & nuts served with raita. A mixture of choice morsels of lamb, chicken & shrimp in saffron rice.

Chicken or Lamb Biryani

Goat Briyani

Shrimp Biryani

Vegetable Biryani

Shajahan Biryani

Vegetarian Entrees

(all entrees served with bastami rice or nan)

Panner Pasanda

fresh homemade cheese cubes marinated in cream & cooked with fresh herbs, almond, walnuts, and raisins.

Palak Paneer

spinach and Indian cheese cooked with assorted spices.

Mattar Paneer

fresh green peas cooked with lightly fried cheese.

Aloo Chole Paneer

potatoes & chick - peas cooked in lightly fried cheese.


chick-peas cooked with fresh onions, tomatoes & potatoes.

Aloo Gobhi

cauliflower & potates cooked with choice of Indian spices.

Palak Aloo

spinach & potatoes cooked with the touch of light spices.

Aloo Mattar

fresh peas and potatoes cooked with onions and tomatoes.

Malai Kofta

cheese stuffed in vegetable balls and simmered in creamy sauce.

Bhindi Masala

okra sauteed with browned onions, tomatoes and dried mangoes.

Egg Plant Bharta

whole eggplant baked over an open flame, mashed & seasoned with herbs & sauteed onions.

Navaratan Korma

nine garden fresh vegetables cooked in mild spices & cream, sprinkled with nuts.

Kadai Paneer

fresh homemade cheese cubes cooked in mild spices & cream sprinkled with nuts.

Pabir Bhurji

homemade cheese seasoned with spices, bell pepper and onions.