Bahr Che at 26 Astor Pl New York, NY 10003


Address: 26 Astor Pl New York, NY 10003

Alcohol Tapas

Bahr Che Menu in New York


Warm Goat Cheese Salad

walnut dressing, oven-dried tomato, field greens

Beet Carpaccio

comte cheese, white truffle herb salad

Roasted Tiger Shrimp

shaved vegetable salad, herb dressing

Pan Con Tomate

prosciutto, arugula salad

Cheese Plate

(3 cheeses) beet salad, walnut dressing

Duck Degustation

foie gras, duck prosciutto, duck sausage

Salmon Tartar Duo

potato waffle, dill creme fraiche

Seasonal Quiche Du Jour

Lobster And Black Truffle

mac 'n cheese

Warm Japanese Eggplant

tomato tart, lavender honey dressing

Selection Of Francois Payard Gourmet Sandwiches

Cheese Selection

$12 For 3 Selections, $16 Petite Degustation (5). $25 Grande Degustation (7).


piemonte, italy, cow, sheep and goat

Selle Sur Cher

centre, france, goat

Tomme Crayeuse

rhone-alpes, france, cow

Scharfe Maxx

graubunden, switzerland, cow

Pecorino Oro Antico

toscana, italy, sheep

Cheddar, Cabot Clothbound

greensboro, vermont, cow


castilla y leon, cow and goat

Charcuterie Selection

$8 Each, $18 Petite Degustation (3 Selections) $32 Grande Degustation (6 Selections)

Prosciutto Di San Daniele




Salame Rosa

Hot Calabrese

Pate, Mousses & Foie Gras

Terrine Mousquetaire

terrine made with organic duck, pork, prunes & armagnac

Pate De Campagne

country-style pate made with organic pork herbs and spices

Terrine Pheasant Herbette

blend of pheasant, pork & fennel covered in fine herbs

Vegetable Terrine

vegan made with layers of spinach, wild mushrooms, and roasted red peppers


Chocolate Chocolate Mousse

chocolate butter with bittersweet chocolate

Apple Pie

Pear Almond

thin layers of almond layered with poached pears & bavarian cream

Chocolate Gianduja

bittersweet chocolate butter cake crushed pralines

Chocolate Bonbons



Fresh Fruit Parfait

Bahr Che Soft Boiled Egg & Bacon

Fruit Salad Infusion

Mini Bagel

with smoked salmon

Buttermilk Waffle & Roasted Pear

Viennoiserie Basque