Brasilina at 836 9th Avenue New York, NY 10019

Phone: (212) 969-9970

Address: 836 9th Avenue New York, NY 10019

Brasilina Menu in New York


Palitos De Tapioca

Tapioca fritters with spicy agave dipping sauce


Pumpkin puree, salted dry meat and catupiry cheese


Assorted light crusted empanadas: ground beef and cheese with house vinaigrette


Grandmothers recipe tart with shrimp filling


Picanha burgers, creamy gorgonzola, sweet spicy tomato,and mustard chutney dippingsauces

Caldo De Feijao

Black bean shot, crispy collard greens and bacon farofa

Mandioca Frita

Fried yucca sticks with house aioli


Assorted brazilian croquettes: chicken coxinha, beef kibe and codfish bolinho de bacalhau

Ceviche De Vieiras

Scallop ceviche, citrus pickled red onions, bloody mary dices and french baguette toasts

Tartar De Salmon

Salmon tartar with avocado cream, wasabi chantilly and crispy shallots


Salada De Inverno

Mache greens, grilled pear, crispy chevre, caramelized pecans and truffle honey dressing

Salada Paulista

Mixed greens, seasonal fruits, balsamic reduction, mini fresh mozzarella and parma chips

Brasilina Caesar Salad

Classic caesar with brasilina's secret dressing


Medalhao De Porco

Pork tenderloin, quinoa couscous and pineapple chutney

Costela Assada

Slowly cooked short ribs, yam and yucca puree garnished with okra tempura

Galeto Organico

Organic free range cornish hen, corn cream and spring rice

Red Snapper

Plantain puree with coconut lime farofa


Cod and shrimp stew served in sizzling clay bowl, pirao and cajun nuts over jasmine rice

Magret De Pato

Duck magret on cupuacu sauce, mashed potatoes and green apple dices

Pf Vegan

Red rice with caramelized brazil nuts, quibebe, black beans and tofu shitake stir fry

Steak Americano 12oz

NY steak, potato surprise and haricot vert

Picanha Fatiada

Sizzling picanha with white rice, black beans, and collar greens

Strogonoff De Fillet Mignon

Strips of beef with house seasoning finished with cream, jasmine rice and crispy potatoes

Camarao Na Moranga

Shrimp on a cream sauce and catupiry cheese served inside a pumpkin with white rice on the side


Black beans stew with prime beef and oork cuts, white rice, collard greens and bacon farofa

Risotto Citrico De Camarao E Lagosta

Citric shrimp and lobster risotto

Gnocchi De Mandioca

Yucca gnocchi, salted dry meat and bechamel gratin

Side Dishes

Batata Rustica Da Casa

House rustic potatoes

Couve Refogada

Sauteed collard greens

Pure De Madioca Gratinado

Creamy yucca pure


White rice

Feijao Preto

Black beans

Banana Frita

Fried plantain


Pudim De Leite

Milk pudding

Arroz Doce Com Banana Caramelizada

Rice pudding with caramelized banana

Bolo Quente De Chocolate

Valrhona chocolate molten cake with cupuacu creme anglais

Cheesecake Romeo and Julieta

Guava cheesecake

Salada De Frutas Flambada

Flambe fruit salad with mascarpone ice cream

Torta De Maca

Apple pie with cinnamon ice cream


Dark valrhona chocolate and white coconut chocolate with reduced condensed milk