Cafe Buunni at 213 Pinehurst Ave New York, NY 10033

Phone: (212) 568-8700

Address: 213 Pinehurst Ave New York, NY 10033

Coffee & Tea Local/Organic

Cafe Buunni Menu in New York


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Buunni Coffee Subscription

fresh-roasted buunni coffee delivered to you by subscription - every week, two weeks or month - as often as you like it. one less thing for you to think about. and, if you need to, it's easy to cancel your subscription.

Buunni Blends

we have been developing some blends, and are thrilled to now introduce our espresso blend which we think will please even the most discerning of tastes of our espresso-loving customers! our first blend addis ababa, nostalgically named after our former home town, is smooth, delicious, easy to drink. it is a single origin blend. ethiopian beans from yirgacheffe and harrar, one roasted light, one dark for a 'black and tan' effect.

Buunni Harrar

hailing from the historic and colorful harrar area in the east of ethiopia, our fair trade organic harrar coffee has been described as caramel and strawberry. a versatile coffee, roasting light brings out more of its fruity tones and a darker roast brings out a fuller-bodied mocha, chocolate and spice taste. try some of each roast and decide which you prefer. available in dark and light roasts.

Buunni Sidama Natural

this is a sidama coffee that has been sun-dried; otherwise known as 'natural process'. this process is increasing in popularity in recent years and is an authentic and environmentally sound method. try it and tell us what you think. can you taste the difference?

Buunni Yirgacheffe

yirgacheffe is one of the most famous of ethiopia's coffees, and is grown around a place of the same name, in southern ethiopia. the region is known for its lush, richly-soiled rolling highlands. with cinnamon and strawberry undertones, yirgacheffe coffee is known for a thick rich body, winy acidity and an intense floral, earthy aroma. available in dark and light roasts.

Water Decaf Sidama

we call it sidama for the region it comes from, also known as sidamo coffee, this water decaf is flavorful and tastes of milk chocolate and almonds. what's not to like? a lighter roast brings out more fruit and a darker roast brings out the body and a fuller chocolate taste.