DF Nigerian Food Truck at 828 2nd Ave New York, NY 10017

Phone: (718) 451-6330

Address: 828 2nd Ave New York, NY 10017

DF Nigerian Food Truck Menu in New York


Akara (Honey Bean Cake)

Akara 6pcs

Honey Beans (Ewa Aganyin) and Golden Fried Plantain W/ Spicy Togolaise Sauce

Mashed Beans

Moimoi 2pcs

Steamed honey beans pureed with shrimp powder, sardine, eggs

Boiled Ghana Yam w/ Red Bell Pepper Spicy Sauce

White Yam


1 pc Meat Pie

English pastries with seasoned ground beef vegge sauce.

6 pcs mossa aganyin (plantian fritters) taste like purfpurf

Plantian fritter looks like purfpurf finished with torches of Nutmeg and sugar

Akara (Honey Beans Cake) 6pcs

Akara 4pcs (Honey Beans cake)

Pealed,& pureed fried honey beans cake with diced red onions, sun-dried Nigerian chilies and shrimp powder.

Suya Beef 12oz Bowl

Thinly sliced tender beef, oven grilled and tossed in yajji traditional spice, finished with red onions

Fried Diced Plantain 8 oz. Bowl

Sausage Rolls 2pcs

Scotch Eggs

1 Piece

Exotic African Peppered Snail 8oz. Bowl

Slowly Braise Crunchy African Snail Twist In our homemade Chef T Style Signature Spicy Sauce.

Chin-Chin 2pcs

Chicken Suya 80z Bowl

Sliced cut of chicken marinated in northern Nigerian yanjji spice {very spicy}

Meat pie {vegge only} 1 piece

chopped pieces of mix vegges and and farm fresh spinach

Puff-Puff. 5pcs

Nigerian Groundnut 1 Bottle

Organic Peanut Nigerian, locally farm made.


Chicken gizzard with plantains,sautte in Red bell pepper spicy sauce


Peppered chargrilled goat meat.

Fish Rolls 2pcs

Scotch Eggs

2 Piece


Grilled Chicken Salad

Griiled chicken served on the bed of green garden OR Colesalw Salad.

Nigerian Salad

Green Garden Salad

Coleslaw Salad

Salad of the Day

Please call restaurant for daily salad selection.

Coleslaw Salad


Boneless Goatmeat Pepper Soup 16oz Bowl

Tilapia Fish Pepper Soup 24oz Bowl


Efo Riro

Rich spinach vegetable stew. Comes with choice of side.

Efo Elegusi

Rich Spinach Stew w/ Milled Melon Seed.

Ogbono Soup

Rich Slimy Blended (Irvingia) Mango Seed Soup, With A Dash Of Green Spinach.

Ewedu Soup

Corchorus (Jute Mallow) Green Vegetable Stew.

Ila Alasepo

Mildly Spicy Rich Okra Soup

Chicken, Fish and Meat with Bread

Comes with choice of side.

Stock Fish

Dried Norwegian Sea Meat

Bitter Leaf Soup

Bitter Leaf Cooked With A Mixture Of Rich Assorted Meat, Stock Fish, Goat Meat/Beef, Smoked Turkey, Pomo (Cow Skin).


Asaro {Yam Porridge} W/ Spicy Red Bell Peppers Sauce Topping

There is shrimp powder inside Asaro

Boiled Ghana Yam w/ Red Bell Pepper Spicy Sauce

Spicy. White yam.

Green Plantain


Honey Beans And Sweet Corn (Ewa Alagbado) With Fried Plantain

Porridge Honey Beans ( VEGETARIAN OPTION)

Honey Beans (Ewa Aganyin) w/ Togolaise Sauce & Fried Plantian

Nigerian Honey Beans Slowly Cooked till Tender & Mashed. Finished with Spicy Dark Fried Togolese Sauce, seasoned with Shrimp Powder.


1. Boiled Green Plantain with Spicy Yam Sauce

Honey Beans with Spicy Red Bell Pepper Sauce {Ewa Aganyin}

White Yam with Spicy Veggie Sauce

Jollof Rice with Plantain


Jollof Rice

3. Fried Rice

3. Fried Rice No Meat

Only rice.

White Rice and Fried Plantain with Buka Sauce - Ayamase

Buka Sauce (Ayamase) is a spicy green pepper sauce.

Jollof Rice No Meat

Rice Only


Golden Fried Plantain w/ Vegetables Spinach

Vegetable Spinach 24oz bowl


Pounded Yam 1 Extra

Amala 1 Extra

Eba 1 Extra

Jollof Rice 12oz Bowl

Fried Rice 12oz Bowl

White Rice 12oz Bowl

Jumbo Fried Goat Meat 2pcs (Plain No Stew)

Plain Fried Chicken 3pcs

Plain Fried Fish 3pcs

Fish type: Tilapia or croaker

Golden Fried Plantain

Diced Fried Golden Fried Plantain

Moimoi 1pc


Bitter Lemon Drink {Nigerian Style}

Malta Guinness {Nigerian Style}


Tropicana Orange Juice

Bottled Water


Maltina Classic {muti-vitamin Enriched}

Palm Wine (Emu)

Maltina Classic {Nigerian Style}

Tropicana Grape Fruit Juice