Eat More Korean at 1940 Mount Zion Road Morrow, GA 30260

Phone: (678) 837-9577

Address: 1940 Mount Zion Road Morrow, GA 30260

Eat More Korean Menu in Morrow

Soups & Noodles

Spicy Beef & Veggie Soup

Pulled tender beef, fernbrake, bean sprout, green onion, egg drop, glass noodle, spicy beef broth.

Dumpling Soup

Vegetable mandu dumpling, green onion, pulled beef, seaweed, rice cake, beef broth.

Fresh Cod Soup

Fresh cod fish, fresh shrimp, tofu, rice cake, Korean radish, bean sprout, watercress, spicy signature broth.

Beef Short Rib Soup

Beef short rib, Korean radish, shredded egg garnish, scallion, glass noodle, mild beef broth, soy dipping sauce.

Bean Paste Stew

Korean bean paste broth, tofu, potato, onion, zucchini, green chili pepper.

Soft Tofu Soup

Seafood or pork, soft tofu, poached egg, zucchini, onion, scallion, spicy signature broth.

Kimchi Stew with Pork

Tofu, pork, kimchi, green onion, rice cake, spicy beef broth.


Squid, mussel, baby shrimp, green onion, white onion, ramen noodle, spicy broth.


Kimchi Fried Rice

Spicy pork, kimchi, white rice, green onion, fried egg, sesame seed.

Fried Cutlet Katsu

Panko breaded and deep fried pork cabbage salad with ginger dressing, tangy dipping sauce.

Korean Bbq

Premium meat, Korean style, served with rice and sides.

Spicy Calamari

Grilled, spicy marinated sliced squid.

Spicy Pork

Grilled, spicy marinated sliced pork.

Spicy Chicken

Grilled, spicy marinated sliced chicken.

Sliced Beef Ribs

Grilled, marinated sliced short beef ribs.

Beef Bulgogi

Grilled, marinated sliced beef steak.

Desserts & Drinks

Thai Milk Tea

Gourmet Ice Cream

Matcha Milk Tea

Premium Hot Tea

Milk Bubble Tea

Fish Shaped Waffles

Real Fruit Smoothie