Familia Bakery at 227 East Main Street Patchogue, NY 11772

Phone: (631) 714-6339

Address: 227 East Main Street Patchogue, NY 11772

Familia Bakery Menu in Patchogue

Quick Menu

Bread / Pan


Whole wheat bread. Pan Integral.


Soft round bread made with white cheese. Pancito suave con un toque de queso.


Old fashion buttery flaky croissant or whole wheat.

Pitufo Bread

Regular butter roll

Banana Bread Pudding

Made with lots of love. Pudin de Banano

Sliced French Brioche

Perfect for French toast!

Croissant Whole Wheat / Integral

Pastry / Pasteleria

Drinks / Bebidas



Colombiana soda.

Orange Juice

Natural orange juice.

Postobon Kola® 2Liter

Kola Postobon soda.

Pony Malta®

Malta is often described as being like a beer that has not been fermented. It is similar in color to stout (dark brown) but is slightly sweet, and is generally described as tasting like root bear.

Manzana Postobon®

Apple flavored soda.


Fruit punch.

Snapple® Peach

Snapple Durazno



Bottled water Poland Spring

Oatmeal Drink

A cold oatmeal drink, homemade. Avena fria

Cookies / Galletas

French Meringues

This suspiro or meringue is a sweet crunchy cookie with a soft marshmallow in the middle!


Puff Pastry Palmier


It consists of two thin wafers sandwiching a sweet filling in between.

Witch Unicorn Cookie

Made with the same dough as our alfajores, topped with royal icing and the gold iron made of milk chocolate!

Cookie Tray

1 Pound of assorted cookies

Spiderman® Cookie

Minion® Cookie

Emoji Cookie

Gingerbread Cookie

Honey cookie bottomed in chocolate and sprinkled with cookie crumbs.

Heart Decorated Cookie

Soccer Cookie

Kitty Cat Cookie

Meringue Cookies (Bag)

10 in a bag

Tres Leches Cakes!

This light and fluffy tres leches cake recipe uses three types of milk and is topped with whipped cream, making it extra moist and delicious.

8 Person Blue Cake

6' Cake Serving about 8-10 People. Add message for cake in the notes section.

8 Person Pink Cake

6' Cake Serving about 8-10 People. Add message for cake in the notes section.