Nazar Restaurant at 1474 Deer Park Ave North Babylon, NY 11703

Phone: (631) 586-2246

Address: 1474 Deer Park Ave North Babylon, NY 11703


Nazar Restaurant Menu in North Babylon


1. Mercimek Corbasi Soup

Lentil soup.

2. Tripe Soup Friday and Sunday Special

2. Lamb Soup Saturday Special


Add feta cheese for an additional charge.

3. Sheppard Salad

Shredded salad fresh tomatoes, green peppers, cucumbers, onions, parsley and dressing.

4. Mediterranean Salad

Fresh tomatoes, lettuce, green peppers, cucumbers topped with feta cheese and dressing.

Cold Appetizers


5. Stuffed Grape Leaves

6 pieces. Grape leaves stuffed with rice, black currants, herbs and spices.

6. Hummus

Chickpeas mashing into a paste with lemon juice and flavored with tahini.

7. Eggplant with Sauce

Soslu Patlican. Small pieces of eggplant in moderately spicy sauce of fresh tomatoes, green peppers, onions and garlic.

8. Baba Ghanoush

Mixed with eggplant, tahini, yogurt, garlic and olive oil.

9. Haydari

Mixed with cream yogurt, garlic and olive oil.

10. Piyaz

White beans with chopped onion, parsley, olive oil and white vinegar.

11. Mixed Appetizers

Mixture of some cold appetizers.

12. Acili Ezme

Mashed tomatoes, green peppers, red peppers and onions. Spicy.

13. Cacik

Cold yogurt, chopped cucumbers, garlic, herbs and spices.

Entree Dishes

Entree served with rice, salad and homemade Turkish bread. All meat dishes served fully cooked.

14. Gyro - Doner

Layer of marinated ground meat, wrapped around the large vertical split.

14. Chicken Gyro - Doner Monday Special

Layer of marinated chicken, wrapped around the large vertical split.

16. Shish Kebab

Special marinated cubes of baby lamb grilled to delight on skewers.

17. Adana Kebab

Ground lamb flavored with red bell peppers slightly seasoned with paprika and grilled deliciously on skewers.

18. Kofte Kebab

Ground lamb seasoned with chef's own blends and char grilled.

19. Lamb Chops

Baby lamb chops grilled to taste.

20. Mixed Grill

Assortment of shish, Adana, gyro and lamb chops.

21. Iskender Kebab

Doner in light tomato sauce over pita served with yogurt and butter sauce.

22. Chicken Kebab

Tender chunks of chicken marinated with chef's own blend of herbs and spices.

23. Chicken Chops

Marinated chicken thighs grilled to your taste with cream yogurt, garlic and olive oil.

24. Chicken Adana

Chopped grilled chicken on skewers flavored with red bell peppers, gently spiced with paprika and garlic.

25. Chicken Wings

Marinated chicken wings grilled to your taste.

26. Falafel

8 pieces. Deep fried balls made from ground chickpeas.

27. Grilled Fish

Mediterranean whole sea bass or sea bream, char grilled and served with salad.

28. Manti

Steamed beef dumplings served with garlic yogurt sauce.

From the Oven

29. Lahmacun

Meat pie, Anatolia's version of ancient Turkish meat pie with ground lamb, topped with parsley, fresh tomato, red peppers and onion all thin dough.

30. Kasarli Pide

A thick dough crust stuffed with Turkish kashari cheese.

31. Kiymali Pide

This savory ground lamb mixed with onions over Turkish pie.

32. Sucuklu Kasarli Pide

Fresh Turkish cheese prepared with the dough topped with Turkish sausage.

33. Karisik Pide

The dough filled in sausage, ground kashari cheese, pastrami and baked to perfection.

34. Kusbasili Pide

This savory ground lamb mixed with onions and vegetable over Turkish pie.

35. Beyaz Peynirli Pide

Crispy golden crust topped with feta cheese and parsley.

Side Orders

36. Rice

37. Yogurt

38. French Fries

39. Whole Bread


40. Baklava and Kinds

1 lb. Sweet pastry made of extremely thin sheet of filo dough layered with chopped nuts and honey syrups baked with butter and cut into diamond shapes.

41. Kazandibi

Brown top pudding.

42. Rice Pudding

Pudding prepared with milk, rice and sugar.

43. Chocolate Pudding

44. Kunefe

Shredded filo dough with cheese filling. This is a very classical Turkish dessert, which must be eaten warm soon after it leaves the oven. Needs extra time to prepare it.

45. Keskul


Served until 11:00 am.

46. Menemen

Egg, tomatoes and green pepper pan fried with spices.

47. Cheese Omelette

48. Omelette with Soudjouk

49. Omelette with Pastrami

50. Omelette with Spinach

51. Mixed Omelette

Soudjouk, pastrami, cheese and peppers.

52. Breakfast Platter

Feta cheese, tomatoes, olives, boiled egg, butter and jam.