Tartinery at 209 Mulberry St New York, NY 10012

Phone: (212) 300-5838

Address: 209 Mulberry St New York, NY 10012

Bistro French Sandwiches

Tartinery Menu in New York

Water and Soda

75 cl. Evian

Natural spring water

75 cl. Badoit

French sparkling water


Elderflower Lemonade

Brunch Specials

Poached Egg & Smoked Salmon Toast

On 7 grain.

Scrambled Egg Tartine -Weekends Only

On sourdough with avocado, arugula & bacon crumble.

Small Plates

Smashed Avocado Toast

On 7 grain with radish, red pepper flakes & cilantro. Vegan.

Pizza Toast

On 7 grain with tomato sauce, mozzarella, soppressata, parmesan, oregano

Vermont Burrata

With prosciutto, baby heirloom tomatoes, basil & olive oil. Gluten free.


Butternut Squash Soup

With nutmeg & pumpkin seeds. Vegetarian & gluten free.

Chestnut & mushroom

With cream

Salads and Bowls

Chopped Kale Caesar Salad

With chickpeas & pecorino. Gluten free.

Warm Goat Cheese Salad

With goat cheese toasts, fris?e, baby spinach, bacon crumble & pine nuts.

Quinoa Bowl

With broccoli rabe, avocado, baby spinach, edamame, crushed almond, cilantro & mint. Vegan.

Wild Rice Bowl

With butternut squash, lentils, baby spinach, organic tofu, poached egg & cilantro


Creamy Burrata

On sourdough with roasted red pepper, thyme & olive oil. Vegetarian.

Labne Tartine

On sourdough with cucumber, radish, mint, za'atar & olive oil. Vegetarian.

Ricotta & Prosciutto Tartine

On sourdough with honey glazed grapes & walnuts.

Hummus & Avocado

On sourdough with hard-boiled egg, sprouts, olive oil & lemon (vgt)

Roast Beef Tartine

On sourdough with pecorino, arugula & truffle mayo.

The Perfect Chicken Salad Tartine

On sourdough with shaved celery and toasted pistachio.

Croque Monsieur Tartine

On sourdough with ham, gruyere & bechamel.

Croque Madame Tartine

On sourdough with ham, gruyere, bechamel & sunny side up egg.

Smoked Salmon Tartine

On sourdough with creme fraiche, capers, shaved radish & lemon.


On sourdough with turkey, iceberg, tomato, bacon crumble, brie & mayo


Cheese Cake

With raspberry coulis. Vegetarian.

Nutella Tartine

On sourdough with caramelized banana. Vegetarian.

Strawberry Tartine

On sourdough with whipped cream and dulce de leche. Vegetarian.

Chia Bowl

With banana, berries and flax seeds. Gluten free and vegan.