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Organic Scallion Cream Cheese Roll

Nori, cashew cream cheese, romaine, pepper, cucumber, avocado, tomato and caramelized onion. (Raw Vegan Dish)

Organic Pesto Pizzette

Coconut squash bread, pesto nut cheese, avocado, tomato, basil and caramelized onions.

Organic Caesar Salad

Romaine, tomato, cucumber, avocado, caramelized onion, olives and Caesar dressing.

Organic Green Soup

This delicious detox is a perfect appetizer to cleanse your system. Ingredients: kale, cucumber, celery, avocado and lemon. (served cold -raw)

Raw Organic Savory Crepe

Chef Favorite! Coconut-squash crepe, baby spinach, scallion cream cheese, sprouts, avocado, salsa.

Organic Taco

Corn tortilla shell, hummus, avocado, baby spinach, tomato and hot sauce.

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