Almayass Restaurant New York at 24 E 21st St New York, NY 10010

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Address: 24 E 21st St New York, NY 10010

Middle Eastern Tapas Vegetarian

Almayass Restaurant New York Menu in New York


Soft Drink

Cold Appetizers


Vegan. Mashed charbroiled eggplant, fresh lemon, sesame paste and garlic.

Moutabbal Almayass

Vegan. Mashed beetroot, fresh lemon, sesame paste and garlic.


Vegetarian. Strained yogurt dip, dry mint and olive oil.


Vegan. Rolled vine leaves stuffed with rice, tomato, olive oil and lemon.


Vegetarian. Italian eggplant stuffed with rice, tomato, olive oil, lemon and yogurt topping.


Vegan. Spicy spread made with crushed walnut, red bell pepper paste and pomegranate molasses.

Kebbe Naye Almayass

Spiced fresh tartar meat with crushed wheat, onion and parsley.

Lentil Kafta

Vegan, Lentil cooked with crushed wheat, onion and parsley.

Hot Appetizers

Sauteed Halloum

Vegetarian. Mediterranean white cheese.

Hot Feta

Vegetarian. Oven-baked feta cheese, vine tomato, oregano and spicy red peppers.

Spicy Potatoes

Vegan. Fried potato cubes, fresh garlic and cilantro.

Basterma Or Soujouk Almayass

Armenian pastrami or Armenian sausage canape, fried quail eggs.

Bereg Cheese

2 pieces. Vegetarian. Fried homemade pastry filled with cheese.


Vegetarian. Oven-baked, multi-layered homemade pastry, filled with cheese and parsley.


Vegan. Deep-fried mixture of ground chickpeas and fava beans with tahini based sauce.

Soujuk Flambé

Table side flambé with Arak liquor.

Mantee Traditional

Oven-baked artisan-made boat shaped dough stuffed with seasoned meat or spinach and with garlic yogurt sauce on the side.

Kebbe Sajieh

Fried mixture of minced beef and crushed wheat, stuffed with walnut, pistachio and onion.

Kebbe Kras

2 pieces. FRIED OR BOILED mixture of minced beef and crushed wheat, stuffed with minced beef, pine nuts and chopped onion.

Frog Legs Provencal

Fried frog legs with fresh lemon, garlic and cilantro.

Chicken Liver

Sauteed in pomegranate molasses or with onion and lemon.

Almayass Delight

Marinated diced filet mignon, garlic, tomato and parsley.

Beef Shawarma

Certified Angus beef, sumac, parsley, onion, grilled tomato, and tahini.

Chicken Shawarma

Free range chicken, lettuce, pickles, and garlic whip.

Fried Cauliflower

Fried Cauliflower florets and Tahini sauce.


Lentil Soup

Vegan. Red lentil, rice and onion.

Chicken Soup

Chicken, vermicelli and carrot.



Vegan. Fine chopped parsley, vine tomato, onion and crushed wheat.

Armenian Salad

Vegan. Fine chopped vine tomato, green bell pepper, onion and Persian cucumber.


Vegan. Vine toamto, fresh mint, purslane, Persian cucumber, red radish, sumac, parsley and fried pita bread.

Chef's Salad

Onion, Persian cucumber, Campari tomato, feta cheese, and Chef's special dressing.


Hummus 'Classic'

Vegan. Chickpeas blended with sesame paste, garlic and fresh lemon.

Hummus Almayass

Vegan. Hummus blended with red pepper paste.

Hummus with Pine Nuts

Vegetarian. Hummus topped with sauteed Spanish pine nuts.

Hummus with Cauliflower

Vegan. Topped with fried cauliflower.



Oven-baked Mediterranean Bronzini fillet, served with sesame based sauce, onion and cilantro.

Chicken Taouk

Marinated charbroiled chicken breast, carrot, mushroom and garlic paste on the side.


Charbroiled minced beef mixed with onion, parsley and served with shishito pepper, onion and tomato.

Armenian Kafta

Seasoned ground beef, topped with fresh tomato sauce, pita bread, and yogurt on the side.

Filet Mignon Cubed

Marinated charbroiled Filet mignon served with red bell pepper and onion.

Sweet and Sour

Charbroiled seasoned minced beef topped with our special sweet and sour cherry sauce.

Almayass Chef's Special

Marinated diced Angus filet mignon, served with rice, and thin crispy potatoes.

Lamb Loin Cubed

Marinated charbroiled lamb loin served with red bell pepper and onion.

Lamb Chops

Charbroiled Australian lamb served with brussel sprouts.

Stuffed Lamb Leg

Boneless shredded pieces of Lamb leg served on a bed of ground beef-rice and onion, garnished with pistachio and walnut.

Lebanese Couscous

Vegan. Pearl-sized balls of pasta texture semolina, onion, chickpeas, carrot, zucchini and broccoli.

Jingle Bell Peppers

Vegetarian. Armenian stuffing with crushed wheat, carrot, zucchini, onion, chickpeas and pomegranate molasses.

Bone-In Ribeye (16 oz.)

Thin crispy potatoes and a side of cabernet sauce.

Filet Mignon Steak

6 oz. steak with Cabernet sauce and thin and crispy potatoes.

Mixed Grill

Kafta, chicken taouk, filet mignon cubed and lamb chops. Served with grilled onion, tomato, green bell pepper, spiced pita bread and rice vermicelli. (All meats are 1 skewers. The Lamb Chops are two single-cut pieces imported from Australia)

Armenian Tasting

Armenian Tasting for 2

Armenian salad, lentil kafta, dolma, subereg, basterma or soujuk almayass and traditional mantee.

Chef's Selection

Chef's Selection

Chef's Salad, Moutabbal, Sarma, Spicy Potatoes, Cheese Bereg, Mantee, Chef's Special


Rice Vermicelli

Garlic Whip

Fresh Vegetables

Sliced tomato, cucumber and onion.

Tzatzik Yogurt

Side of Garlic Paste

Pomegranate Molasses

Red Pepper Paste

Lunch Specials

Bronzini Lunch Special

Served with rice and choice of 2 sides. No substitutions please.

Kafta Lunch Special

Served with rice and choice of 2 sides. No substitutions please.

Chicken Taouk Lunch Special

Served with rice and choice of 2 sides. No substitutions please.

Meat Mantee Traditional Lunch Special

Served with choice of 2 sides. No substitutions please.

Spinach Mantee Traditional Lunch Special

Served with choice of 2 sides. No substitutions please.


Ashta El Saraya

Caramelized pastry topped with ashta and pistachios.

Ashta with Assal

Cream of the milk topped with honey, almonds and pistachios.

Ossmalieh Almayass

Golden crispy, sweet vermicelli filled with ashta and topped with traditional floss halva.


Five pieces. Lebanese pancake filled with ashta and garnished with pistachios.


Layers of filo pastry filled with chopped nuts and sweetened with syrup. 5 pieces.

Belgian Chocolate mousse cake

Soft layer of sponge cake, smooth Belgian chocolate mousse, finished with chocolate shavings.